Important Points of Standard

Points of High Priority in Judging Azawakhs
Hermann Burk, FCI Judge and Azawakh Breeder

Very Important:

  • Deep brisket, high tuck-up
  • The, for the breed, typical dancing and springy gait.
  • The, for the breed, typical relatively steep angulation in the front and rear quarters
  • Proper front, standing and moving, (not turned out, which usually results from a too narrow chest)
  • Hip bones higher or of the same height as the withers.
  • Horizontal straight back between withers and hip bones. The back must be shorter than the height at the withers. The whole form reminding one of a standing rectangle.
  • Extreme shortness of coat. The hair is decidedly shorter than a smooth Saluki (In opposition to some standards, the hair feels hard to the touch)
  • Harmony of head, skull not too wide in proportion to muzzle
    The forehead should be a smooth plane.


  • Proper hanging ears
  • The tail should be hanging down, if the dog is standing; often with a curl at the end.