The American Azawakh Association, Inc. (AAA) is the American Kennel Club (AKC) National Parent Club for the Azawakh,  a rare sighthound from the northwest African countries of Mali, Niger & Burkina Faso. The AAA is an association of Azawakh lovers founded on February 7, 1988, to promote the breed and guarantee it a permanent future in the US. 

In January 2019 the Azawakh gained full AKC recognition to participate in all AKC events. The first Azawakh AKC championship was awarded shortly thereafter to Jose Antonio Cabrera’s Ch. Starfire’s Mateo.

First AKC Azawakh Champion, is CH. Starfire’s Mateo Breeder Owners Jose Cabrera & Fabian Arienti

In the United States, venues exist to exercise the Azawakh’s hunting skills, including free coursing, open field coursing and lure coursing as well as speed and endurance in oval track racing and sprint racing, as well as conformation shows. An ancient breed, rich in history and culture, the Azawakh was traditionally employed in the protection of homes and livestock and in the hunt, coursing jackals, gazelles and hares in its countries of origin.

The Azawakh develops a uniquely tight and special bond with its owners.

CC Alberta and Azawakh
CC Alberta with UKC GRCH Youwarou wa n’Tafouk CM2 [Roo] – portraits by Tracy